My First MRCP Book, 2nd edition




My First MRCP Book has now set thousands of candidates on the right course not just for part 1 of the MRCP examination, but also for part 2 and PACES, utilising fun and easy ways to remember facts that will invariably prove useful whether students are puzzling over a tricky question or confronting the furrowed brow of a formidable PACES examiner. This second edition has been adjusted to reflect the new written examination, which is now a best of five format. While that may initially seem easier than the old format, the reality is that it can still be confusing when all five choices seem to be plausible answers. Knowing some basic facts will help students to tackle this situation with ease. To reflect the changes, three new authors have joined the ranks. Having recently (and eventually!) succeeded in passing the new format of the examination, the newbies have added questions on topics such as atrial fibrillation, tuberculosis, HIV and diabetes that, in their recent experience, reflect the changing emphasis of the examination. In addition, they have included a few images and ECGs, which will test your problem-solving abilities in addition to knowledge of the facts. Most importantly, we hope that this book will give pleasure, as much to the student as to the more qualified reader, and, whoever you are, we hope that you will enjoy your lessons. But remember don t leave your room smiling. Maintain the myth of the tortured youth.

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318 pages


Remedica; 2nd revised edition edition (1 Sept. 2009)


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